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Some advanced settings are also available and can be defined in this section.

Images Size

All image sizes will appear here that are registered on your site and you can choose which one you would like to use for post templates.

Skip Posts

Sometimes, you may want to display the latest posts but skipping the first one. So you will provide 1 here. This option will skip the initial number of posts from your selected criteria.

Total Posts

Your posts criteria may contain more than 200 posts so you would like to limit the selection. You will use this field to provide a maximum number of posts your slider can display. Suppose you want to display only 10 lasted posts, so you will provide 10 here.


The slider can also have multiple rows, you can provide the number of rows here.

Slides Per Row

You can define here how many sections you need to have on each row of the slider. This option will only work when the above setting is set to more than 1 rows.

Placeholder Image Url

Your some posts may not have a featured image, thus the layout will not remain symmetrical. You can provide a placeholder image URL here and the posts without a featured image will display this image instead.

Disable Current Post

Enabling this will exclude the current post from the slider if the slider is being used inside another post.

Equal Height Mode

Enabling this will activate the Same Height mode for the images. This may cause unexpected results but is a very powerful feature if you have different sizes of images and want to display all slider items same in size without destroying image proportion or stretching them.

Images Height

Provide fixed height for images in pixels here if you have enabled the above option. Example: 300px

Social Networks

Some templates display social icons on them, you can choose them here. Choose maximum 3 for better results.