Using Drag Drop Fields Builder

In this article, we will explore the Custom Fields Builder that comes with the Real Estate Manager plugin. You can access it from the Real Estate Manager -> Property Fields menu in your WP Dashboard.

On the left side, there are field types that you can drag to the area of the active fields. The fields include

  • Text Field
  • Number Field
  • DropDown Field
  • Multi-Select Field
  • Date Field
  • Files Upload
  • Video URL
  • Textarea
  • Shortcode

When you will drop the field in the area, you will be prompt to provide further details regarding that field. Let’s drag a text field from the left menu to the right area on the top.

The further options regarding each field are explained below.


A label is a title for the field. It displays on the edit/view screen and on the search form.

Data Name

Data name is used to save the data in the database. It should be unique for each field and lowercase without spaces. You can use underscores and letters here.

Default Value

The text provided here is set as the default selected value in the create property form and in the search form.

Help Text

The text provided here displays as a description under the field.

Admin Settings Tab

This indicates, in which section you want to display this field. More sections can be added from the settings.


Accessibility defines the control to display this field. Its options are explained below

Public Displays field/value for everyone
Agent Displays field/value only for the agent of that property. This can be used for the personal references and other details that an agent want to save for personal use.
Admin Displays field/value only for the site admin. This can be used for the details/remarks that a site administrator wants to save against each property.
Disable Disable the field completely. Can be used to hide the field temporary.

Modify Default Strings (Texts and labels)

You can also modify all the strings used in the plugin. For example, you may want to use this plugin for classified listings not specifically for real estate and you want to replace all the real estate terms with some other text, then please follow below.

Install Loco Translate

You can use any PO Edit software or install the loco translate plugin which is free.

Create a new Language File

  1. Go to Loco Translate -> Plugins -> Real Estate Manager Pro and click on the New Language button.
  2. In the Choose a language menu choose the first language under the Installed Languages. If your WordPress installation is in the default language then it will be English (United States)
  3.  From Choose a location menu select the path where you want to store that language file.
  4. Click on the Start translating button

Translate Strings

On the next screen, you can change the texts by searching and providing the new texts in the bottom area. Don’t forget to click the Save button on the top left.

Creating Custom Fields in Custom Sections

First, you need to create a custom section/tab/panel. Please go to Settings -> Single Property Page -> Property Settings Tabs and provide the section name you want to create and save the settings.

Now you need to add fields into this newly created section. Please go to the Property Fields menu and drag a field into the fields from the left fields panel and fill the field related info. Make sure you choose your newly created section from the Admin Settings Tab.

Now whenever you will add/edit a listing, that section will also appear with the new field as below

and in the frontend, it will display like this


Create Custom Property Listing Styles

You can create custom property listing styles by following this.

  1. Create a template in PHP extension.
  2. Name it with style prefix like style9.php
  3. Create a directory in the root of your theme (or child theme) named rem
  4. Put style9.php template file in this directory
  5. Use 9 in style attribute of shortcodes to use it
  6. You can use the same method to override templates also

Suppose we created a template file named style9.php having following inner contents

<div class="landz-box-property box-grid mini">
    <?php do_action( 'rem_property_ribbon', $property_id ); ?>
	<a target="<?php echo $target; ?>" class="hover-effect image image-fill" href="<?php echo get_permalink($property_id); ?>">
		<span class="cover"></span>
		<?php do_action( 'rem_property_picture', $property_id ); ?>
		<h3 class="title"><?php echo get_the_title($property_id); ?></h3>
	<span class="price">
		<?php if (get_post_meta( $property_id, 'rem_property_price', true ) != '') { ?>
			<?php echo rem_display_property_sale_price($property_id); ?>
		<?php } ?>
	<div class="footer">
		<a target="<?php echo $target; ?>" class="btn btn-default" href="<?php echo get_permalink($property_id); ?>"><?php _e( 'Details', 'real-estate-manager' ); ?></a>

Put this file in wp-content/themes/your-activated-theme/rem/

Now use the following shortcode to use it.

[rem_list_properties style="9"]

Overriding Shortcode Templates

You can easily override the shortcode templates loading them from your theme/child-theme.

For this purpose create a directory in your theme/child-theme with the name rem and inside it create another directory with the name shortcodes, you can now paste the shortcode template inside it and it will be used to render that shortcode.


Suppose you made some changes in the login form which renders using the shortcode [rem_agent_login] and the shortcode file associated with it is the shortcodes/login.php.

Now you don’t want to lose the changes made in the file login.php when the plugin updates, so you will have to copy this login.php file and put it under the themes/child-theme/rem/shortcodes/ and now this file will load from here and you are safe to update the plugin in the future.

Shortcodes and their files


Shortcodes Template Files
[rem_register_agent] shortcodes/register-agent.php
[rem_search_property] shortcodes/search-forms/style1.php
[rem_search_property_inline] shortcodes/search-property-inline.php
[rem_simple_search] shortcodes/simple-search.php
[rem_agent_login] shortcodes/login.php
[rem_create_property] shortcodes/create-property.php
[rem_edit_property] shortcodes/edit-property.php
[rem_my_properties] shortcodes/my-properties.php
[rem_manage_properties] shortcodes/manage-properties.php
[rem_list_properties] shortcodes/list/list.php,shortcodes/list/nearby.php
[rem_search_results] shortcodes/search-results.php
[rem_carousel] shortcodes/carousel/carousel.php,shortcodes/carousel/nearby.php
[rem_maps] rem/shortcodes/map/map.php,shortcodes/map/nearby.php
[rem_agent_profile] shortcodes/agent-profile.php
[rem_my_profile] shortcodes/agent-profile.php
[rem_agent_edit] shortcodes/edit-agent.php
[rem_list_agents] shortcodes/agents.php

Common Theme Related Issues

Enfold – Media Upload not Working

This issue occurs when WordPress’s default media libraries are not loading. You can fix it by going to Enfold -> Settings -> Performance -> Self-hosted videos and audio features (WP-Mediaelement scripts) and set it to WP Default Behavior.

First Slider Image is Always Empty

This issue occurs because of the mod_pagespeed. When mod_pagespeed is installed on the host, it prevents the loading of the full images, resulting in an empty image for the first slide.

If you don’t have access to disable it for your site, you can add ?ModPagespeed=off to the end of your URL in the browser like this,


Setting up Pages

We have received many requests regarding setting up plugin the same as our demo site. Following is a list of all pages that we have created in our demo site with the shortcodes that we’re using. Please create that pages and in the content section paste shortcodes accordingly. Make sure to use shortcodes inside Text Tab of Visual Editor and shouldn’t be wrapped inside any tags.

Pages Shortcodes
List View [rem_list_properties top_bar="enable" posts="10"]
Grid View 1 [rem_list_properties style="2" class="col-sm-4" posts="9"]
Grid View 2 [rem_list_properties style="3" class="col-sm-4" posts="9"]
Grid View 4 [rem_list_properties order="DESC" style="6" class="col-sm-6" posts="6"]
Register Agent [rem_register_agent redirect=""]You are already logged in![/rem_register_agent]
My Properties [rem_my_properties][rem_agent_login heading="Please login below to see your properties" redirect=""][/rem_my_properties]
My Profile [rem_agent_edit][rem_agent_login heading="Please Login Here" redirect=""]You are already logged in[/rem_agent_login][/rem_agent_edit]
List Agents [rem_list_agents columns="col-sm-4"]
Create Property [rem_create_property][rem_agent_login heading="Please login below to create property" redirect=""][/rem_create_property]
Search Property [rem_search_property fields_to_show="property_price,property_type,property_purpose,property_status,property_bedrooms,property_bathrooms" columns="4"][rem_list_properties posts="9" order="ASC" orderby="date" style="3" class="col-sm-4"][/rem_list_properties][/rem_search_property]
Property Carousel [rem_carousel style="6" arrows="enable" dots="enable" total_properties="9" slidestoshow="2" slidestoscroll="1"][rem_carousel style="3" autoplay="enable" arrows="enable" dots="enable" total_properties="9" slidestoshow="3" slidestoscroll="1" autoplayspeed="2000"]
Simple Search [rem_simple_search][rem_search_results]
Custom Icons [rem_maps map_zoom="2" ids="129,125,112,109,101,538,122,134,79,74,93,72,70" icons_by_meta="property_type" icons_data="House||,Duplex||,Office||,Retail||,Vila||" circle_icon="" water_color="#6da2bf" btn_bg_color="#3c90be" btn_text_color="#ffffff" btn_bg_color_hover="#005cce" btn_text_color_hover="#f7f7f7" loader_color="#3c90be"]

Translation / Available Languages

Real Estate Manager comes with 10+ Languages. You just have to change the language of your WordPress installation and that language will load automatically from the plugin. If your language is not available in the plugin then you can request your language here or can use custom translation files from the below links (Download your language file).

Follow these steps to use Real Estate Manager in your language.

  1. Download your language files from the bottom of this page.
  2. Unzip it and you will have 2 files (PO and MO)
  3. Paste them in wp-content/languages/plugins
  4. You can change strings using any PO editor like PO Edit
  5. Make sure your WordPress language is also the same, in Settings -> General -> Site Language
  6. This way, you can easily update plugin and your changed strings will not be overwritten.

Follow below screenshots for better understanding

Download Language Files

Unzip Files


Load These Files


Edit them, if you want to


Change Site Language Accordingly

Available Language Files for Real Estate Manager

Click to download the files and follow the procedure explained above.


When you purchase Real Estate Manager Pro from CodeCanyon you have to choose from two licensing options. The Regular License, and the Extended License. The billing process and licensing term are fully managed by Envato Ltd. and we don’t have any control over this matter. If your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user then a Regular License is what you need. An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the end product.

Note to freelancers and creative agencies: You may charge your client for your services to create an end product, even under the Regular License. But you can’t use one Standard License for multiple clients or jobs.

Find more information about licensing on this page

Common Licensing Questions

  • If I want to use Real Estate Manager on a second site, do I need to buy another license?
    Yes. CodeCanyon license allows you to use Plugins only on one ended site. In order to use it on a second site, it requires you to buy another license.
  • Can I use Real Estate Manager on a test site, then move it to a live site when finished?
    Yes, you can keep the plugin on a test site to build it, then move it to the live site once you’re finished.
  • Can I keep a test site and a live site with one Regular License purchase?
    According to the licensing rules set by Envato, this is not allowed. If it is installed in two places permanently, then it requires two licenses.

How To Get Support

Your copy of Real Estate Manager includes item support for 6 months from the purchase date. During those 6 months, our support team is available to provide the item support services to iron-out any potential issues you have in using the item.

Item support is a service provided directly by us through our Client Support Forum. Support is limited to questions regarding the plugin’s features or problems with the Real Estate Manager. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins conflicts. If you need help with anything other than minor customizations of your plugin, we suggest you request for a paid customization service here.

Before to submit a ticket

To help speed along your request, we require that you follow the steps below before submitting a new support ticket. This is for the benefit of everyone and will help make the entire process more efficient. It’s very important and we ask that everyone who posts follow these steps.

Please check the following before you submit a ticket

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Real Estate Manager and the latest version of WordPress.
  • Always check for update information
  • Check our documentation for the answer to your question.
  • Try to disable any additional 3rd party plugins to see if this fixes the issue.
  • Make sure you’ve cleared all your caches, browser and website.
  • If you cannot find the answer to your question, submit a ticket here and our support team will help.

How to start receiving support

  1. Click here to access the Support Forum, you will need your CodeCanyon Purchase Code which can only be received after buying the plugin from
  2. Once you reached the Support Forum click on Submit a Ticket.
  3. Select Real Estate Manager on Product or Category
  4. Click on Verify Purchase With Envato or Enter Your Purchase Code
  5. Fill the form below and submit your ticket

Notes: Remeber to add your website URL and your admin login in your ticket in order to speed up the help process.

Extending and renewing item support

The support options available to you depend on when you make the support purchase.

  • support upgrade is 6 months of additional support that can be purchased at the time of buying the item.
  • support extension is 6 months of support that can be purchased at any time after the initial purchase of the item, provided the current support period hasn’t expired.
  • support renewal is 6 months of support that can be purchased after any existing support for an item has expired.

To be eligible to extend or renew support you must have less than 6 months of support remaining and the author must still be supporting the item. You will then be able to purchase a support extension or renewal from the Downloads or Item page. The cost of support is determined by the type of support and is calculated as a percentage of the item price (the price paid to the author of the item license).

How do I renew or extend my support?

In order to extend or renew an item’s support offering, you must have less than 6 months of the existing support period remaining and also the author must still be offering support for their item.

To renew the support component on an item, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your CodeCanyon account
  • Hover over your username and click ‘Downloads’ from the drop-down menu.
  • The downloads section displays a list of all the items purchased using your account.
  • Click on ‘Renew support now!’ or ‘Extend now’ next to the item you wish to renew the item support for and that’s it!

Why can’t I extend or renew support for an item?

There are two reasons why you are unable to extend or renew support:

  1. You have more than 6 months support remaining on your current support grant; or
  2. The author has nominated to no longer support the item.