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Change Password

Default Shortcode

The following Shortcode displays a form to change logged in user’s password.


Please note that this shortcode will display nothing when you’re not logged in.

Redirect URL

You can use the redirect attribute to redirect the user after a successful password change.

[rem_change_password redirect=""]

Logout from all devices

You can display a checkbox to log out that user from active devices enabling the attribute clear_sessions.

[rem_change_password clear_sessions="enable"]

Title and Subtitle

You can use the attributes title and subtitle for custom titles and taglines for the form.

[rem_change_password title="Change the password below" subtitle="tagline goes here"]

Contents for non logged in users

You can provide inner contents in the shortcode that will be displayed when the user is not logged in. The following shortcode will display a text Please log in when you’re not logged in or you can’t access this page.

[rem_change_password]Please log in[/rem_change_password]