Currency Options

These settings are related to the Display Price for listings. You can choose here the currency symbol and price formatting. You can access these settings from Real Estate Manager -> Settings -> Currency Options

Settings with developer information are described below


This dropdown contains all available currencies with their symbols. You just have to type and select. We tried to include all currencies here but if for some reason, your required currency is not available in this list, you can use following hooks to add your own currency symbol.

  • rem_all_currencies
  • rem_all_currency_symbols

Following code will add a new currency with symbol UF and title Unidad de Fomento in that list, just put this code inside your theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter( 'rem_all_currencies', 'add_my_currency' );
add_filter( 'rem_all_currency_symbols', 'add_my_currency_symbol' );

function add_my_currency($currencies){
	$currencies['UF'] = __( 'Unidad de Fomento', 'real-estate-manager' );
	return $currencies;

function add_my_currency_symbol($symbol){
	$symbol['UF'] = 'UF';
	return $symbol;

Currency Position

It defines the position of currency symbol with the price. You can either choose the right side or the left side. Following options are available

  1. Left – $5320.00
  2. Right – 5320.00$
  3. Left with Space – $ 5320.00
  4. Right with Space – 5320.00 $

If you have some custom format other than this in your mind, you’re free to modify the appearance of the price using the following filter.


Thousand Separator

Separate the thousands of price using this option. You’re open to using any symbol here. Some of them with the example is below.

  • . => £123.456.789
  • , => £123,456,789
  • – => £123-456-789

Decimal Separator

Provide the decimal separator here for price display. Examples

  • . => £900.00
  • , => £900,00
  • – => £90-00

Number of Decimals

It defines how many decimals to display after price. You can disable it by providing 0 in this field.

Formatting Price (for developers)

We’ve divided the price appearance in some parts, to let developers modify it easily. It uses the following filters

  • rem_price_args
  • raw_rem_price
  • formatted_rem_price
  • rem_price_trim_zeros
  • rem_property_price