How to customize the Property Page?

This quick tutorial will guide you to customize the Single Property Page according to your theme’s design. We will take the Twenty Nineteen Theme as an example here.

First, you have to make a duplicate of the page.php file. Go to your theme files using FTP or Control Panel (in our case it’s inside wp-content/themes/twentynineteen). Create a file named single-rem_property.php and put the inner contents of the page.php file there.

Now you have to load this file instead of the default Property Template. For this, go to Settings -> Template Settings -> Property Page Template and choose From Theme. Then previewing the property page you will only see the contents. So, we have to integrate the property contents also (eg: meta).

Open the single-rem_property.php file in a text editor and you will see the following code

We will make the changes inside the loop.

Suppose you want to display the property type, you will use the function get_post_meta for getting all data. In our case, property type field has a data name as property_type so our code will become

Similarly, you can get any field’s data. Make sure to prefix the rem_ with the data name of the field.