Use meta attribute in the shortcodes

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Use meta attribute in the shortcodes

Some shortcodes have meta attribute to display properties with advanced filtering. You can list properties using any custom fields and values. Following shortcodes support meta attribute at the moment.

  • [rem_list_properties]
  • [rem_carousel]
  • [rem_maps]

Single Field Value

You can provide a single field and a value separated by a pipe sign in the meta attribute to get those listing. Suppose we want to display only rented properties using one of the shortcode listed above. So, these properties will be those which have the Property Purpose set to Rent. We will use the meta attribute like this


Please note that the value and field names both are case sensitive.

Multiple Fields and Values

You can also provide multiple field value groups in the meta attribute separated by commas. Suppose we want to display all those properties having the Country set to Australia and the City set to Sydney. We will use it like this


Single Field with Multiple Values

Let go further into this, we may have a scenario where we only want to list the houses and offices. Technically they will be those properties having Property Type set to either House or Office. We will provide the field name only once and will separate the values by a steric sign. So, it will be like this


Exclude a Value

You may experience a situation where you need to display all the listings, excluding a specific once. For example, you don’t want to display the houses from property types. You can do this using the exclamation mark.


Exact Match Value

You may experience a situation where you need to exactly match the value. For example, you may have 2 options for Types as House and Open House. Now you want to display only Houses, not Open House. You can do that using the hash sign.