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List All Agents

Default Shortcode

Following Shortcode displays all approved agents one after another on the same page.


Display Agents in Grid

You can display agents in 3 columns grid using attribute columns.

[rem_list_agents columns="col-sm-4"]

Display Specific Agents

You can display specific agents by providing their IDs.

[rem_list_agents ids="18,56"]

Order and Orderby Attributes

Following Shortcode displays agents in ascending order of their display name.

[rem_list_agents order="ASC" orderby="display_name"]

You can use the following values for order attribute

  • DESC – Descending order of orderby attribute
  • ASC – Ascending order of orderby attribute

You can use the following values for orderby attribute

  • ID – Sort by Agent ID
  • login – Sort by Agent Username
  • nicename – Sort by Agent Nice Name
  • email – Sort by Agent Email Address
  • url – Sort by Agent URL

All Available Attributes

ids Comma-separated ids of agents to display
columns col-sm-4 Bootstrap column class for grid management
orderby login How you want to sort agents
order ASC Order of agents displayed
meta_key meta_key to get specific agents
style 1 Style of agent card
meta_value value if the key is given
masonry enable Enable/Disable masonry
total 10 Total number of agents to display