Single Property Details Page

On the single property page, the following action hooks are used.


It renders the ribbon on the slider. It’s 2 arguments are below

  1. Property ID
  2. Ribbon Type

Suppose you want to remove the ribbons, you will use the following code in your theme’s functions.php file.



It renders the gallery images slider. It has a single argument that is property ID.

You can remove the slider using the following code in your theme’s functions.php file.

Similarly, you can add additional content before or after the slider using this hook. For example, the following code will display the property ID after the slider.


It’s the main hook to render all the contents on property page including custom sections. Following are contents rendered through it with the priority.

  1. Property Title => 15
  2. Property Content => 20
  3. Sections => 30
  4. Features => 40
  5. Map => 60
  6. Tags => 70
  7. Edit Property Button => 80

Now, let say you want to move the property title above the slider. First, you will remove it from the contents and then you will add it with the rem_single_property_slider hook increasing its priority.

So, the following code will do the job.

You can also change the positions of the sections by changing the priority. The following code will move the map above property features.


This hook renders the data in the sidebar. You can use this hook to add your data or to remove the default data. It has a single argument which is the ID of the agent of the current property.