Single Property Page

All settings related to the Property Details page can be defined here. To access these settings, navigate to Real Estate Manager -> Settings -> Single Property Page


Here you can enable or disable Map for single property pages.

Property Page Sidebar Card

Property Details (or single property) page by default, displays a sidebar with agent picture and contact information. You can disable this agent card here.

Property Page Sidebar

It defines which sidebar from your theme, you want to use for Property Details page. After setting it, you can insert widgets in this sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets.

Real Estate Manager uses Fotorama slider library for property gallery images. You can set its width here by providing appropriate value along with units. Some examples are

  • 100%
  • 500px

Provide height for gallery slider here with units. Examples

  • 100%
  • 500px

Here you can define the images fit behavior for slider regarding other images. Please see details here.

Do you want to display featured image also in the gallery slider or not? set this setting here.

Display Property ID

By default, Real Estate Manager displays Property ID on the property details page. Which is actually the post_id in the database. You can hide it from frontend here.

Date Field Format

A date field is also available in Property Fields section and you can use it, this setting defines the format to display on the frontend. It’s the date string format the PHP uses, see the doc here. Some values that you can use, to make this easy for you are below (assuming selected date is 10 March 2001)

  • F j, Y => March 10, 2001
  • m.d.y => 03.10.01
  • j, n, Y => 10, 3, 2001
  • Ymd => 20010310
  • Y-m-d => 2001-03-10

Property Settings Tabs

Single Property Page or Property Details Page displays contents in sections like Details, Video, Map, Tags etc. We call them tabs. You can create your own tabs here and can add fields into them. Provide tab names each per line and they will appear in the Property Fields menu, where you can assign fields to them. Please note that these tabs will not display on frontend if there is no field to show or if its fields have no content to display.


If you’re a developer, you can use the following filter hook to add tabs dynamically.


It has one argument that contains the array of all tabs having key => values. (Refer to core,functions.php file, function rem_get_single_property_settings_tabs)

As stated above, we’re using Fotorama for Gallery Images Slider. You can apply other arguments also to this slider from their documentation by using this filter.


Pasting following code in your theme’s functions.php file will enable autoplay for gallery images slider.

add_filter( 'rem_fotorama_attrs', 'rem_slider_enable_auto_play' );

function rem_slider_enable_auto_play($attrs){
	$attrs['autoplay'] = 'true';
	return $attrs;