Translate using WPML

Real Estate Manager is fully compatible with the WPML plugin.

Make sure you’ve installed and activated the following plugins

  1. Real Estate Manager Pro (10.7.9+)
  2. WPML Multilingual CMS (4.4.8+)
  3. WPML String Translation (3.1.6+)
  4. WPML Translation Management (2.10.4+)
  5. WPML Media (2.6.2+)

Translating the site content using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor

We recommend using the WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) as it facilitates the translation process by offering machine translation, translation memory, spell-checker, and more. To enable ATE go to WPMLSettings. Under the How to translate posts and pages section enable the Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor option.

It is also worth mentioning that WPML allows you to work with local translators and professional translation services. You can manage to translate your website content using WPML’s Translation Management

Setting the translation preference for property fields

When users add new property fields, they need to set their translation preference to translate (for content that requires translation) or copy (for fields that hold numeric values or other content that doesn’t need to be translated). You can do that by going to WPMLSettings. Under the Custom Fields Translation section click the Show system fields link then use the search field to look up the field that you want to set the translation preference for. Choose the translation preference and hit the Save button. 

Check out WPML’s documentation for more details on translating custom fields.

Translating Properties

  1. Navigate to the property listing screen.
  2. Click on the + icon under the language you want to translate the property into.

3. On the ATE screen, click the Translate Automatically button to translate the property content automatically.
4. Review the translation to ensure that it is accurate then click the green checkmark. Once done click the Complete button to publish the translation.

Translating Property Categories and Tags

You can translate property categories and tags by going to WPMLTaxonomy translation. For more information, check WPML’s documentation on translating custom taxonomies.

Translate Settings

You can translate the Real Estate Manager Settings from WPML -> String Translation -> admin_texts_rem_all_settings

Translate Property and Agent Registration Fields

Fields can be translated from WPML -> String Translation -> real-estate-manager-fields. If this option is not appearing for you, please go to Real Estate Manager -> Property Fields and click the save changes button. Similarly, for the Agent Registration fields, go to Real Estate Manager -> Registration Fields and click the Save Changes button.

Translate Property Features

Property Features such as Attic, Balcony, Poot, etc can be translated from WPML -> String Translation -> real-estate-manager-features. If this option is not appearing for you, please go to Real Estate Manager -> Settings and click the save changes button.

Translate All other Strings

All the other strings can be translated from  WPML -> String Translation -> real-estate-manager